About Columbiana


The City of Columbiana is a municipal corporation organized under the laws of the State of Alabama. The City is located in Shelby County, Alabama, which is approximately 25 miles southeast of Birmingham. According to the 2010 census conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the population of Columbiana was 4,197. There are 16.86 square miles (10,793 acres) within the corporate limits of Columbiana.

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The City is governed under the mayor-council form of government. The mayor is elected on an at-large basis for a four year term and the five council members are elected from single member districts, each for a four year term. The mayor and council serve on a part time basis. The mayor serves as chief executive officer of the City and is responsible for the daily operations of all departments of the City. The council acts as the legislative branch of the City.  Municipal operations are financed largely by sales tax, utility revenues, privilege licenses, and property taxes.