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Fire Department


The City of Columbiana Volunteer Fire Department maintains a membership of 30 volunteers that provide fire suppression, public service assistance, vehicle rescue extrication and a myriad of other emergency services. Our members are your neighbors who selflessly sacrifice their own time to provide the citizens and visitors to our city emergency services.

Our members respond to the fire station when a call is received via a pager that they wear, or by means of a smartphone application. The Columbiana Fire Department has a fleet of 5 engines, 1 rescue, 2 brush trucks, and 2 aerial ladder trucks. Depending on the call type one or multiple apparatus respond to each call depending on department SOP. Our members are fortunate to be able to have access to excellent equipment such as modern Turnout gear, fire hose, and nozzles as well as vehicle extrication equipment.

With the call types growing on a yearly basis and varying in nature, our members are constantly training to stay up on the latest fire service information and techniques to serve you better. You may see our members and apparatus out training in the community, walking through businesses to familiarize themselves with the layouts so that when the call does come they are ready.


Our members feel that the best way to fight fires is to prevent them from happening. We are available for fire safety talks, station or apparatus tours, fire extinguisher use or building inspections upon request at any time. We focus the majority of our scheduled fire prevention efforts during the nationally recognized fire prevention month of October. During September, October, and November our members will be in our local schools providing fire safety talks to the students and working to make them familiar with what exactly the firefighters do when 911 is called. If you would like to request any fire prevention events contact Assistant Chief Brett Ashworth at or by calling (205)368-9498.



The City of Columbiana recently adopted the 2015 Edition of the International Fire Code in accordance with The Shelby County Building Inspections Department.

Our staff inspects buildings for compliance with the applicable fire and life safety code during random routine inspections as well as during the issuance of a city business license. It is the responsibility of the building owner to maintain compliance with the code. If questions or concerns are had with the Fire Code, its application or an inspection is needed, a department representative can be sent out. Contact Assistant Fire Chief Brett Ashworth at or (205)368-9498 for questions regarding Fire Code Enforcement.


The Columbiana Fire Department is excited about our recent implementation of the KNOX system for our City. The Knox Secure Access System is a nationally recognized access system that utilizes a system of controlled access and data logging to ensure that your business or residence is as secure as possible. The system requires of a one time purchase of a Knox box that is to be mounted to the structure in your preferred location. Once installed one of our officers will make an on site visit to check your keys for function, and to place them in the secure Knox box and secure it. Columbiana Fire Department’s Knox key is unique to our city and can only be accessed by our Fire Officers by means of a digitally recorded retrieval system. Each and every time our Knox key is accessed it is time, date, and ID stamped electronically for record keeping. This system allows your Columbiana Fire Department to respond to any call for assistance without adding any unneeded damage or expense to the building owner. It also alleviates the need for a key-holder to respond to the building. We would be glad to discuss the system and its many unique features with you if you so desire.


Additionally our Department has temporary KNOX boxes that can be hung over a residential door. These units can be loaned out to resident that we respond to routinely for assistance calls.

Knox Boxes can be purchased though by entering your address, and clicking on “Columbiana Fire” as your responding agency.