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Traffic Cases

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What forms of payment are accepted when paying a fine in person?

    The magistrates can accept:
    Money Orders
    Cashier’s Check

  • Where are the locations available to pay a fine or tickets?

    1. Pay online at or call 1-877-748-6252

    You will need the amount of the fine and the ticket number on your copy.
    A service charge will be charged to you based on the amount of the ticket.

    2. Postal Mail/ FedEx/ UPS or other document service:

    Sign your ticket indicating your plea of guilty.
    Send your ticket and a Cashier’s Check or Money Order to:

    Columbiana Municipal Court
    107 Mildred Street
    Columbiana, Alabama, 35051

    In order to properly credit your ticket, the fine must be received at least 24 hours prior to your court date.

    3. Payment in person:

    Payment may be made in the Columbiana City Hall. Normal business hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm CST.
    Payment can be made with CASH, MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK only.

  • What are the procedures to have a warrant issued?

    1. File a report with the police department.
    2. Call the Magistrate’s Office to SET UP AN APPOINTMENT to have your report screened. Upon arrival, you will file a deposition with a magistrate. If there is probable cause a warrant or summons will be issued.

    Some important points to remember:
    It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to file a warrant. There is no charge for a warrant. Once a warrant is issued it cannot be dropped or cancelled!

  • Do I Qualify for Defensive Driving School?

    Defendants with a clean driving record have the opportunity to keep a good record by attending a defensive driving course. If a defendant wishes to apply for driving school, they must appear in court on the specified date and time and indicate to the court that they wish to take advantage of the driving school offer. The Court will check the defendant’s driving record for prior citations. Further information regarding the driving school may be obtained by contacting the Columbiana Court Clerk’s Office at (205)669-5806.

  • Can My Insurance Ticket be dismissed?

    If you are issued a citation for driving a vehicle without insurance, the Judge may dismiss your citation upon payment of court costs if you present insurance on that vehicle which was valid at the time of your citation.  This proof must show, at a minimum, the vehicle covered, the policy number, the starting date of coverage, and the end date of coverage.  Court staff may contact your insurance company to determine if the insurance was valid.  Presentation of false insurance is a crime. If you did not have insurance at the time of your citation, but have since purchased it, the ticket will not be dismissed, but you may be eligible to pay a reduced fine upon presentation of insurance.  A ticket for “no insurance” requires you appearance in court if there was an accident involved.

  • How do I get my Equipment Violation dismissed?

    Many equipment violations may be dismissible if, within 72 hours (excluding Sundays and legal holidays) of when you receive the ticket, you have the defect repaired and inspected by a City of Columbiana police officer. If your repaired vehicle conforms to state law, the officer will sign off on the back of your ticket. You must deliver this ticket to the court offices on or before your court appearance date.

  • Can I present my License and have my License Ticket dismissed?

    If you are issued a citation for no license or not license in possession, the Judge or magistrate may dismiss your citation if you can show proof of a valid license on or prior to your court date.