FEMA Assistance for March Tornado

FEMA Assistance for March Tornado

On April 26, 2021 President Biden granted a Major Disaster Declaration for Bibb, Calhoun, Clay, Hale, Jefferson, Perry, Randolph, and Shelby Counties releasing Federal funds to help individuals recover from the March 25th and 26th Tornados and storms. FEMA Individual Assistance is now available for those impacted by the disaster. For more information from Mayor Mitchell, for information on the types of FEMA assistance available, and to apply for assistance see the links below or call 1-800-621-3362.

FEMA InformationInformation from Mayor Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a ticket.  Now what do I do? – Well, you have two choices, in most circumstances.  You can either plead guilty or not guilty. 

Most citations, or tickets, can be paid before the court date.  This means you can plead guilty without having to appear in front of the city judge, and go ahead and pay the ticket.  For information on how to do this, call (205)669-5806, or click here.

Pay Tickets Online – www.ColumbianaTix.com

Some tickets require a court appearance.  These are more serious offenses, like driving while suspended or driving while revoked.  In these circumstances, you have no choice.  You are required to come to court on the date indicated on the ticket.

If you want to plead not guilty and contest the citation, you must come to court to do so.

Remember – Failure to either pay the ticket or come to court could cause your license to be suspended, and a warrant to be issued for your arrest. 

I got a ticket and live out of town or out of state and would rather pay it online.  What can I do?We’ve employed a new service to take online payments.   Go here.

I think I’ve got a warrant.  What should I do?If you think that we have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you should call us and confirm it.  Just call us at (205) 669-5800, and we’ll let you know what you need to do.  In most cases, you can make arangements to have a bail bond agent meet you here, and you can make bond (which is basically a promise to appear in court) and you can go.  It’s usually just as simple as that.  About 30 minutes of paperwork, all of which we do for you.  We encourage everyone with an outstanding warrant to come in and take care of it at your convenience.  Otherwise, if you are traffic stopped for a traffic violation, it may be discovered that you are wanted, there on the roadside.  If that happens, you will probably be arrested and incarcerated, and your vehicle may be impounded.  Not nearly as convenient as taking care of it by coming in.

Well, I saw something and wanted to call you, but I didn’t want to bother you… – We hear this one all the time.  Sometimes you see someone that looks suspicious to you, or you see someone driving badly, and you think about calling it in, but don’t because you don’t want to bother us.  We appreciate your consideration, but we really do encourage everyone to report crime or suspicious activity.  We try, but we can’t be everywhere, so we count on good citizens like you to sometimes be our eyes and ears.  If you see something that you think we need to check, let us know.  (205)669-5800

I was in a wreck.  What do I do now? – If you were involved in an automobile accident, here in the City of Columbiana, and a Columbiana Police Officer made a report, you can pick up a copy of that report at the Columbiana Police Department.  Give us 3 days for the officer to get the report completed and approved by his/her supervisor.  Cost is $5. 

If you were in an accident in the State of Alabama, involving Death, Personal Injury, or more than $500 dollars of property damage by an uninsured motorist, you will need to go here to fill out an SR-31.

I want to get a warrant on someone.  How do I do that? – If someone committed a crime against you, the first thing you need to do is make a report.  Either come to the police station, or call us and we will have an officer come to where you are, if we can.  We will most likely fill out a State of Alabama Incident/Offense report.  This is the first/initial step to any criminal investigation – the I/O report.  After that, your case will be reviewed, and we will go from there.  You may be able to go the  city magistrate and present your complaint to her, and if she believes a crime has been committed she will issue the warrant.  Or, the case may have to be investigated, so that further evidence can be gathered before a warrant can be issued.  If what happened to you was a Felony, further investigation will almost certainly be required.  Call us.  (205)669-5800

I want a Restraining Order against someone!  How do I do that?Restraining orders, also know as Protection From Abuse orders, or PFA’s, are available at the Circuit Clerk’s Office at the Shelby County Courthouse.  Certain rules and conditions apply.   See their website for details. 

Not sure if it’s an emergency or not – This happens a lot, too.  Yeah, everyone knows about 911, but what if you’re not sure if you have an emergency or not?  What number do you call for “regular business”?  Our “normal” business number is (205) 669-5800.  If you’re not sure, just call us at that number, and we’ll figure it out and do whatever we can to help you.

Remember, 911 for emergencies, and 669-5800 for all other calls.

What time do you close?  We don’t.  We operate 24 hours a day.  24/7/365 there is, at least, a dispatcher present and a police officer on duty.

How do I get to the Police Department / City Hall? – Don’t feel bad, we get this a lot, too.  City Hall is located at 107 Mildred Street, here in the City of Columbiana.  (205)669-5800.  The police department is in the bottom portion of the building, accessed by driving around to the rear of city hall.  Remember, if you have any questions, give us a call at (205)669-5800. 

How can I contact (e-mail) someone there? – Got other questions?  Would you like to see something else on this site?  Contact the police website administrator – Detective Sergeant David Alexander

City of Columbiana Police Department

107 Mildred Street,
Columbiana, AL.
(205) 669-5800
(205) 669-5819 fax